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Strand Gesundheit Osteopathie

To find health - should be the object of the osteopath. Anyone can find disease. A.T. Still

What is Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a holistic form of medicine that focuses on the individual and not on the disease.

Every single human is a marvelous entity of innumerable parts and functions that work together to constantly create a harmonious balance. Pregnancy, childbirth, illness, accident, disability, surgery, workload or lifestyle can affect this unity and cause discomfort.

The aim of an osteopathic treatment is to get to the bottom of the causes of your symptoms, to promote your self-healing powers and thus to create a new balance.

Axel Zeberlein D.O.

Master in Osteopathie

Strand Gesundheit Osteopathie
Wie wirkt Osteopathie

Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live. E.J. Rohn

How osteopathy works

Imbalances of all kinds may lead to a disturbance in the perception of one's wellbeing. Regardless of the origin of such complaints, self-healing abilities are best activated by giving attention to all different levels of a human existance. For that reason, I approach any complaint holistically by integrating the following aspects:

  • Structure – spine, bones, joints und ligaments, musculature and tendons, as well as their functions

  • Viscera & Immunity – organs and their functions

  • Arteries & Peripheral Nerves – supply of all tissues with nutrients and information

  • Veins & Lymphatics – drainage of cellular waste products of all tissues

  • Fascia – connection of all tissues

  • Central- & Autonomic Nervous System – voluntary and involuntary regulation of all tissues and their functions

  • Craniosacral & Biodynamic Osteopathy – energetic equivallent of all structures, their functions and relationship to the Whole

  • Infant- & Children Osteopathy – children are not «small adults»! They require special care and

    Why and when should babies be treated after birth
    Birth trauma (e.g. caesarean section) can be treated gently with osteopathic treatment. The earlier your child's self-healing powers are activated, the better.

Logo Kinderosteopathie

Verband der Osteopathen Deutschland e.V.​

After successfully completing their osteopathic training, therapists have undergone further training in accordance with the guidelines of the working group «osteopathic treatment of children». They have many years of practical experience in the treatment of children.

Strand Gesundheit Osteopathie

When all systems of the body are in their normal position, then every part is in proper condition for health. A.T. Still

About the treatment

The difference between the initial and any follow-up treatment is that more time is required for the history taking and the physical examination. The obtained information is vital for the formulation of an osteopathic diagnosis, prognosis and the development of an efficient treatment plan:

  • History Taking – may cover all aspects of life and serves to better understand the potential causes leading to the complaint

  • Examination  serves to find a cause for the complaint and to formulate a diagnosis

  • Treatment  is based on a holistic rational and a diagnosis 

  • Advice  about naturopathic treatment aspects such as: diet, physical activity, sport, yoga, meditation or breathing techniques. These are all important cofactors for healing

  • Cancellation of appointment   free of charge, if made at least 24 hours prior to the appointment 

  • Consultation time & price  please click here

    How many treatments are needed
    In the case of acute pain, you should arrange 1-3 osteopathic treatments on a weekly basis.

Meer Gesundheit Osteopathie
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Man should give his body something nice, so the soul wants to live inside it. W. Churchill

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Praxis Walchwil

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Strand Gesundheit Osteopathie

All wish to be healthy and live long, but few do something about it. Sebastian Kneipp

Your contact to health

We reserve emergency-appointment time slots each day. Call us!

M. Osteopathie Axel Zeberlein
Unterägeri | Walchwil

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about me

A man who
has committed
a mistake and doesn't correct it
is committing another
mistake. Confucius

About me and my professional development

My professional career started with a focus on the financial industry for which I worked on different continents. That gave me a fantastic oppertunity to explore 'the world'. In that process, I slowly started to realize that the chosen path did not give me a deep inner satisfaction. Dispite of all these contradictions in my life, I at least knew that I had the desire to work with other humans.

So I started my quest by exploring my non-financial talents by participating in various trainings such as: Yoga Teacher, Thai-Yoga Massage Therapist and whathaveyou. However powerful these alternative therapies may be, they are generally not suited to relieve acute conditions. Finally, I received a cue from a friend, whose children were successfully treated by an osteopath. 


I was intrigued by the vaste range of osteopathic treatment possiblities. Within a few months I terminated my banking career and prepared myself for the studies in osteopathy and hence found my calling.

  • Commercial apprenticeship - BA in Economics and Management Business Administration - Chartered Financial Analyst
    from Switzerland to the US and Hong Kong

  • Yoga Teacher
    Krishnamacharia Yoga Mandiram, India, 2 years

  • Thai Yoga Massage Therapist
    Sunnshine Network, Thailand, 1 month

  • Metamorphosis Spiritual Massage Therapist
    Wolfgang Weber, Switzerland, 16 modules, 1 year

  • Spiritual Healing
    Georg Paul Huber, Switzerland, 10 modules, 1 year

  • Spiritual Healing
    The Arthur Findlay College, England, 1 week


  • British College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM)
    Full-time Master in Osteopathy, London, 4 years

  • Visceral Osteopathy & Orthomolecular Medicine
    Jesse De Groodt, Küssnacht am Rigi, 3 modules, 2 years

  • Infant & Children Osteopathy
    Tom Esser, Berlin, 4 modules, 2 years

  • Biodynamic Pediatrics
    James Jealous & Tom Esser, Berlin, 3 modules, 2 years

  • Craniosacral Osteopathy
    Tim Marris, Switzerland, 8 modules , 4 years - ongoing

  • Biodynamic Osteopathy
    James Jealous, Tom Shaver & Tom Esser, different locations, 9 modules, at least 9 years - ongoing

  • Palliative Care
    Caritas Pallialtive Care, Zurich, 6 modules, 2 months

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